Apple’s Cases for the iPhone 5C

Apple recently launched a new ad campaign for its new iPhone range, this time focusing on the cases for its iPhone 5C model.

At its core, the cases essentially bear a polka dot design, utilizing a series of circular cutouts at the back of the case that allows the body color of the iPhone unit itself to be seen.
Cases for the iPhone 5C
In terms of its body finish, Apple’s case for the iPhone 5C bears a rubberized matte-inspired feel, a quality that easily complements with the shinier, more “glowy” finish of the iPhone 5C handset. This case form factor that was evidently considered by Apple when the company was working on the design drafts of the item, considering that the contrast between the two items actually complements with each other.

Interior-wise, the case is lined with a felt-like microfiber lining, ensuring that the iPhone 5C unit itself is properly protected and doesn’t just look good. Available in six case colors – in white, black, red, yellow blue and in green, iPhone 5C users can mix and match the Apple-made case to fit with the body color of the unit they opted for.

As Apple’s offering to emerging markets, the iPhone 5C has done quite well, though the iPhone 5S remains to be the flagship unit of the iPhone series.

Described as the iPhone 5 only with a more robust battery, the iPhone 5C has managed to steer clear from being banded as a “cheap” Apple offering, and its Apple-branded case options continues to stand by Apple’s goals in showcasing the device.

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