Apple’s expansion in North Carolina

As it turns out, new releases aren’t the only things which are up with Apple.

Based on the information sourced from various filings, it appears that Apple is intent on adding a new “tactical” facility, one which will be smaller than its current base in Maiden, NC.

To be set at 5977 Startown Road in Maiden, the facility is to be nestled in a 21,030-square foot expanse, and will stand up as a data center for Apple’s continuing operational needs. The structure is pegged to cost Apple some $1,885,129, and reports have pegged it to be a “tactical” data center storing a number of data servers.

Permits found by the Hickory Daily Record note that the facility has 11 rooms, and allows for 22 air conditioners, with humidifiers, unit heaters and an electric duct head louvers. The facility is not positioned to house employees, and is geared as an addition to Apple’s massive facility in Maiden.

The area in Maiden was initially chosen by Apple in 2009, utilizing it to house is billion dollar-worth server farm. Already operational, the facility is still continuing with ongoing expansions, positioned to address the growing demand for more “tactical” data center sites for servers.

With plans to setup a fuel cell installation and a solar farm for its onsite facilities, the area in Maiden is also pegged to be driven by 100% renewable energy, with various sources indicating that its eco-conscious power-sources will be fully operational by the end of the year.

The expansion stands to be one which falls in congruence with Apple’s growth, with the prospect and rumors of two new mobile gadgets to be released within the year, which translates to more Apple users to be added on top of the current roster of iDevice electronic consumers.

Now if only Apple has something new for Mac Pro users, things would be great.

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