Apple’s Jonathan Ive is included in Time’s 100 Most Influential

Time Magazine is well regarded as one of the most respected archivers of our time, with its top 10-based lists regularly looked forward to year in and year out.

Apple’s Jonathan IveThis year, the likes of George Sanders, Jennifer Lawrence and Bryan Cranston made it on the list, with each individual having greatly contributed to the literary and small screen realms.

But far from only jotting down the key players of the entertainment industry, the most recent Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential list includes Apple design chief, Sir Jonathan Ive, with his keen eye for minimalist but functional designs rightfully giving him that distinction.

U2’s Bono took the time in authoring a short piece talking about Ive’s accomplishments, sharing to readers that Ive’s approach in his field is worthy of praise, one that isn’t solely driven by profit-oriented views.

While accolades, awards and distinctions are no stranger to Ive, his commitment in churning out impressive minimalist yet functional designs has greatly contributed to the overall feel and image of Apple and its range of products.

Currently, Ive heads Apple’s software and interface design division, formerly focused on developing designs for Apple’s hardware products like the iPhone, iPad and iMac. At the top of his priorities would be that of maintaining the iOS platform’s merged look with hardware components and design standards.

Knighted by the British Crown, Ive is certainly one of Apple’s most prominent names, a recipient of numerous awards for his accomplishments in the field whose resolve in churning out quality design directives for a brand and product line are clean cut and simply straight to the point.

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