ATT’s iPhone unlocking policy better but not great

Back in April, ATT announced that it would begin unlocking iPhones that are out of contract. This got me looking into the policies of other major carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, and Nextel. Turns out that the majority of iPhone customers qualify to have their phones unlocked even when they’re in contract.

A Verizon spokesperson says that they’re more than happy to unlock your iPhone even if you’re in contract. There are two conditions to this clause: you’ve been a customer for over 60 days and your bills are paid and up to date. Not too unreasonable if you ask me. In fact, both Sprint and Nextel have similar policies.

So why is ATT still lagging behind other carriers with unlocking policies? Not only has ATT forced you to use services like but their new, more lenient policy is still stricter than other carriers.
iPhone Unlock
There’s only one reason for this and that’s greed. ATT sells two kinds of iPhones, locked and unlocked. If you want to use any other carrier other than ATT, they want to force you into purchasing the more expensive unlocked iPhone. I find this odd because they don’t lock many other phones that they sell, it’s mostly limited to the iPhone.

Hopefully ATT continues to revise their policy in favor of their customers. With Android smart phones becoming more and more popular, the iPhone is not an exclusive phone to have anymore. I’m sure it will eventually take the path of all its competitors and only have unlocked models available.

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