Australian Treasury Dept snubs BlackBerry, opting the iPhone

Just as the company formerly known as Research in Motion proudly unveiled the new BlackBerry 10 platform and two new BlackBerry smartphones, reports from ZDNet Australia talk about how Australia’s Treasury Department had recently replaced 250 BlackBerry devices with Apple’s current flagship mobile, the iPhone 5.

Based on the report, Peter Alexander, chief information officer of the department, is noted to share that the decision was based on the country’s Defense Signals Directorate certifications and approval of the iPhone 5, with the entity essentially standing as the country’s signals intelligence agency.

Treasury ditches BlackBerry for Apple
With the agency certifying Apple’s iOS and iOS apps for government-class applications, the decision of opting for the iPhone 5 over BlackBerry’s handsets is noted to have met with a straightforward quote from Alexander.

“BlackBerry has pretty limited capacity,” Alexander is quoted to share. “With the new one being launched, it’s almost too late. Maybe it’ll catch up, maybe it won’t.”

Given that a lot of BlackBerry’s edge has been in its offerings for corporate entities and ecosystems, the news of Australia’s Treasury Department heading “the iPhone path” says a lot about how much more BlackBerry has to prove that its new operating system and handsets have what it takes to satisfy the demands of its consumers.

As Alexander had put it, the aspect of BlackBerry being too late in the release of a newer operating system comes as a disadvantage for the brand, with more and more government offices opting for Apple’s wares as certified, workable devices.

With the recent news, do you think BlackBerry’s new BB10 , Z10 and Q10 have what it takes to once again put BlackBerry on the map?

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