BeejiveIM with Push for the iOS

As instant messaging’s value as an electronic communication avenue is more and more used in the workplace, the informal days of “chatting” is fast coming to an end, with countless professionals actually utilizing IM portals as a communication means for getting work done.

As such, it isn’t strange to hear of more and more iDevice users in constant search for all-in-one messenger apps, with the BeejiveIM with Push being one good example.

Instant Messaging Anytime and Anywhere with BeejiveIM with Push

With the BeejiveIM with Push app, iPhone or iPod Touch users can easily stay connected with IM contacts in Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk or Jabber, without having to launch multiple applications for each IM service.

Consolidating different chats and contacts in one convenient app, BeejiveIM with Push can connect users to their contacts via WiFi access points, or simply through the use of an iDevice’s support for mobile internet connections via 3G or 4G LTE.

With its efficient network connection features, BeejiveIM with Push is also reliable in establishing communications with different contacts, and as reliable and efficient instant messages with BeejiveIM can be, its overall impact on iDevice battery consumption is quite low, allowing users to chat with contacts for extended periods.

Bottom line, all the features if instant messaging is ported into mobile iDevice standards in BeejiveIM.

Easy to use and organized in the way contacts and IM service providers are presented to users, iDevice users can readily send instant messages anytime and anywhere with BeejiveIM with Push.

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