Best iPad Apps for Lawyers

The legal practice is not for the fainthearted, many would say. With all the wheeling and dealing, the muscling and the maneuverings, it seems lawyers have enough on their hands to horse around. And in a world where justice is in the eyes of a few select jurors, it’s a cold world: deliver or get lost.

It is for this reason that iPad apps could be a lawyer’s greatest ally in the search for the truth – or any semblance of it, however slim.And though it might be farfetched, helping lawyers succeed could largely be in the best interest of the whole wide world – depending on which side are you on, of course.
iPad Application for Lawyers
Here are the best iPad apps that have been most-helpful for lawyers, out of the thousands of apps available (i.e., 250,000 and rising). They sure get the job done more efficiently – making sure your legal practice gets all-tuned up and less error-prone – much like an iPad mini keyboard case to the i-tablet.

TranscriptPad ($49.99). The price should get your warning buttons up. This app is serious. In a nutshell, the app lets legal practitioners do what they have to with deposition transcripts: review and annotate. Be it straight from email or from any .txt file, and even source from Dropbox. And with adjustable speeds for scrolling, you can do your reviews your way.

Keynote ($9.99) Presentation is everything. With Keynote you can wow your audience just like that. You can start from any Microsoft Power point or have files imported from the cloud. And you can sync files via iCloud. Really neat.

Notes Plus ($7.99) Why utilize the old pen-and-legal-pad when you can do better with Notes Plus? Plus you can use also the keyboard take the usual route of using a stylus to write on your iPad. In fact, you can even record voice while at it.

LogMeIn (free) Well, what would a lawyer be without his files? LogMeIn makes sure you get access to your PC in the office from anywhere in the world. Internet-access needed of course.

PDF Expert ($9.99) in a world where PDF files are the way to go, PDF Expert is your best ally. Peruse, edit, scan any PDF – from the cloud or stored somewhere. And yes, attach those signatures.

Bento 4 for iPad ($9.99) as a legal practitioner, you can easily become disorganized with data. Bento 4 makes sure you get all your databases straightened out so you can concentrate on winning your cases above all else or running your law firm for that matter.

Circus Ponies Notebook ($29.99) this little guy makes sure you won’t have to carry all boxes full of transcripts, binders and whatever file you need. A handy note-management system indeed, to lighten up your work.

TrialPad ($89.99) this one is built to answer the rigors of a trial. And it does so with flying colors. This app lets you access those important documents, zoom in on evidence or play videos. With software such as these, getting the evidence out is a walk in the park.

iTrackMail (free) Ever wondered if an important email you sent gets read? Not anymore. With iTrackMail, you will know when somebody opens your email. The only downside is your email has to be attachment-free, meaning you will not be able to attach any document to your email. Still the same, iTrackMail works wonders.

iJuror ($19.99)Tired of reading the jurors? Get iJuror. It may cost you some, but it will get you the data you need. Right to the bone (e.g., juror responses, juror ranks). And it even assigns colors to jurors you could trust and those you should keep an eye on. So getting all those faces figured out becomes a breeze. Cool.

Dragon Dictation (free). If it were up to me, I’d give this app an award, a Service Award to be exact. Creators for this app sure hit a bull’s-eye when they conceptualized this one. No need to have somebody write whatever is said in the courtroom, Dragon Dictation transcribes the words and turns them into readable text. Imagine that.

Yes, DropBox should be part of the list. But since most every professional would need it, we’d rather give it a late mention.

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