Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) calculation app

Whether you are hanging out with your friends or colleagues after a long day, oftentimes you may have drank a little too much yet you thought you’re still sober enough to drive. But this could be risky when an authority figure is involved. You wouldn’t want to have your first mug shot, would you?

Here are a couple of apps that might help you assess whether it’s still safe and legal for you to drive or not.

1. DrinkTracker Breathalyzer by slappmedotcom Pty Ltd

Keep track of your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) while you’re drinking with the DrinkTracker personal breathalyzer calculator app.

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2. Blood Alcohol Calculator (BAC) with Dexterity Test by Appy Guys LLC

The Blood Alcohol Calculator (BAC) with Dexterity Test is a tool to be used to help prevent drunk driving by educating individuals to their approximate BAC and assessing their motor dexterity.

BAC uses the Widmark formula, a scientific approach, and the user can easily get an estimate of their blood alcohol content based on their data input of male/female, weight, the number of drinks, and how long (the number of hours) the user has been drinking or since their last drink. The dexterity test on the app challenges the users ability to check their motor skills/ dexterity.

The Blood Alcohol Calculator (BAC) is for entertainment purposes only and the results may not be accurate.

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