LavaMind’s Beetle Bounce


iDevice owners are sure to love the casual game title value in LavaMind’s Beetle Bounce, a unique arcade game that is calibrated to work well with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch units. Developed by LavaMind, the title essentially requires players … [Read more...]

GTA San Andreas iOS edition, announced


GTA fans, here some good news for you: Rockstar Games, makers of the eponymous Grand Theft Auto series, recently announced the upcoming release of GTA San Andreas for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile platforms. Announced to be available … [Read more...]

Control and Manage your Spending this Free App


BillGuard has the highest rating from reviewers when it comes to finance management apps. Aside from it being free, its services include tracking your spending, blocks fraudulent charges, notifies you for extra hidden charges and more that other apps … [Read more...]

The New and Redesigned Craftsy


If you're a regular visitor of Craftsy, a DIY app which lets you see tutorials and videos of making do-it-yourself crafts, it's just fair to let you know that they now offer online courses. View more … [Read more...]

30 New Levels of Sling-Shooting Angry Birds

angry birds

Rovio has new updates for Angry Birds with additional 30 levels of Version 3.4.0. What else is new? Bomb bird has gained a new power, the Shock Wave. Read more … [Read more...]

Gaming on the iPad

IPads have fast become a great device that people use for everything in their daily lives, be it talking to their friends on different social media websites or using them to take notes and research information from the internet. Tablets are an … [Read more...]

The end of the Chomp App Search Engine

The end of the Chomp App Search Engine

In tune with the shutdown of Ping, the Chomp app search engine is also reported to have met its demise, with the reports of a number of app and service users touching up on the subject. Reported to have been purchased by Apple for $50 million last … [Read more...]

MotoHeroz – Bringing the “Side-Scrolling” gaming platform to life


With its fast gameplay factors and its frantic, no-nonsense approach in delivering gaming experiences, MotoHeroz for the iOS by Ubisoft successfully brings iDevice users to the engaging and exiting world of rally racing. With all the racing games … [Read more...]

Buy BeejiveIM – The AIO Instant Messenger for the iOS


Now featuring push functionalities, BeejiveIM continues to be a smart all in one instant messenger client for the iOS, a convenient app that simplifies the instant messenger communication needs and requirements of mobile iOS users. With support … [Read more...]

Download Google+ for the iPad


When Google+ first came out, a lot of fanfare was put into its launch, with countless netizens labeling it to be the “Facebook killer”. Looking back and looking at Facebook and where it is now, it can be said that Google+ didn’t really turn out to … [Read more...]