Download Unroll Me – unblock the slots

unroll me

Unroll Me- unblock the slots is a great addicting, frustrating, challenging, thrilling, and fun app by Turbo Chilli Pty Ltd. This game is one of the highest rated free games in the App Store. What to do in the game: All you have to … [Read more...]

Download 100 Pics Quiz

100 pics quiz

Addicted to the picture quiz games? Game developer 100 Pics has released another mind boggling yet addicting game. They also promised this game to have no ads (ever!). 100 Pics Quiz has over 3000 images to guess! It has over 30 picture packs with … [Read more...]

Download Frozen Free Fall by Disney

frozen free fall

In the Kingdom of Arandelle, enjoy an icy puzzle as you join Anna, Elsa and other "Frozen!" animated characters. Embark on a journey as you match and slide different gems to advance on the next level. You can download it for free on your app … [Read more...]

Download “Where’s My Mickey?” for free this week

where's my mickey

Good news for free app fans, iTunes have picked "Where's My Mickey?" as the App of the Week, which became available for free last week extended up to this week. Though iTunes has not made it clear if this app will be available for free download for a … [Read more...]

Seven Meditation Apps

photo by Brian Valentine

Gadgets can be our foes at times, they take most of our attention at the time of day. From waking up using an alarm app, going to work using our computers, going home watching podcasts or listening to music from our compact music players, until we … [Read more...]

Alfred: An Effective Alternative to Quicksilver


While not originally intent on taking the Quicksilver’s spot as the top Mac OS program designed to streamline the calling of system actions, Alfred is certainly an impressive configurable keyboard shortcut command utility designed for OS X … [Read more...]

Growl: A Notifications Center alternative, with a plus


Mac OS X users are quite familiar with Notifications Center, the operating system’s consolidated junction point for real time updates and notifications. But while the utility affords users with a timely and relevant tool that keeps them updated … [Read more...]

Alien March HD for the iOS

alien march

Boasting a superior graphics set calibrated for high end iDevices, Alien March HD proves to be an interesting space themed sideway (or sideways) runner. Elementally simple with its in-game premise, the title requires players to jump from one … [Read more...]

LavaMind’s Beetle Bounce


iDevice owners are sure to love the casual game title value in LavaMind’s Beetle Bounce, a unique arcade game that is calibrated to work well with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch units. Developed by LavaMind, the title essentially requires players … [Read more...]

Fishing Joy HD


While it’s no secret that advanced high end graphics tend to be a game title’s winning edge, a title that combines an elementally challenging gameplay premise with superior graphics is bound to have a winning edge. Fishing Joy HD would be one good … [Read more...]