Google Now for the iPhone and iPad

Google Now for the iPhone and iPad

The Google-branded Google Now is no longer an exclusive feature for Android-driven devices, with the recent release of the Google Now search feature for the iPhone and iPad. Not to be mistaken as a stand-alone app, iPhone and iPad users can avail … [Read more...]

Microsoft “hinted” to churn out its answer to the iPad Mini

Apple iPad mini launch in London

Microsoft recently updated its certification standards and rules for the development of Windows 8 apps and hardware components, with a new Windows 8 hardware certifications guidelines roster. While the release of such a new set of guidelines … [Read more...]

Australian Airline to offer the use of iPads for Passenger entertainment

iPads for Passenger entertainment

Australia’s Qantas airline, based on a report featured in the Hindustan Times, is intent on adding a new feature in the in-flight amenities for its trips between Honolulu and Sydney – the use of iPads which are to be integrated with the Australian … [Read more...]

New iPad rumored to roll out by April 2013

iPad rumored to roll out by April 2013

Following after the rumors of a new iPhone in the iPhone 5S set on being released this year, a new rumor has recently come up, this time touching up on the next iteration of Apple’s iPad line. Based on a report published by iMore, word has come up … [Read more...]

Adobe debuts Photoshop Touch for Phone

Photoshop Touch for Phone

In response to the fact that more and more creatives are going mobile with their gadget and device options, Adobe, makers of the world famous Photoshop suite of graphics and photo editing software, recently rolled out Photoshop Touch for Phone, the … [Read more...]

iPad Case maker “reports” the upcoming release of the iPad 5

iPad 5

Just like clockwork, rumors revolving around the next iPad iteration, the iPad 5, have once again come up, in tune with the anticipated release of the product this year. One of the most recent rumors in circulation is reported to come from an iPad … [Read more...]

Apple and NYPD work hand-in-hand in tracking stolen iPads and iPhones

nypd and apple

Just as it is no secret that Apple’s range of iDevices are premium rated consumer electronics products, the value of iDevices in the stolen goods “industry” doesn’t come as surprising, with more and more thieves raking in bountiful loot from … [Read more...]

The Woes of Microsoft’s Surface against the iPad

The Woes of Microsoft’s Surface against the iPad

A featured report from Apple Insider raises an interesting point about Microsoft’s Surface, the brand’s first tablet device produced and released to the general mass market. The report, essentially talks about how the company doesn’t have a … [Read more...]

iPad Bible App used in swearing in Atlantic City Firefighters

ACFD promotees sword in with iPad app

While it is true that tablets and smartphones have significantly become mainstay everyday essential electronic communication items, their presence is also noted to be found in situations where they take the place of more traditional, established … [Read more...]

Belkin’s Thunderstorm speakers for the iPad

Belkin’s Thunderstorm  speakers for the iPad

As one of the featured devices in Macworld, Belkin’s Thunderstorm easily brings new meaning to the concept of “room-filling audio” for iPad owners. Essentially a speaker attachment device, the Thunderstorm is described to be a handheld home … [Read more...]