Cheaper iPhone option rumored to roll out by 2013

If you thought Apple has been without its share of “leaks and rumors” this month, think again.

Just as 2013 had started, talk has been rife of Apple currently in the process of developing an inexpensive iPhone option, one which has been generally categorized by many as Apple’s “entry level iPhone” in different forums and message boards.

Cheaper iPhone option rumored to roll out by 2013
A report from DigiTimes asserts that the said inexpensive iPhone is to come with a plastic-based body, with that body revealed to be produced in United States’ based production facilities. It is also noted that the release of this “entry level iPhone” will take place within the year, particularly after the second quarter of 2013.

Apart from the rumors of an upcoming cheaper iPhone model, its circulation is backed by another rumor, noting that it would come with a “special” design, attributed to sport a “see through” factor.

Another rumor notes that the same inexpensive iPhone model will come with an opaque paint finish, a huge difference from the Gorilla Glass finish known to gild the back parts of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The same rumor of an inexpensive iPhone on the works is attributed to be the reason why Apple had reduced its component orders for the iPhone 5, though arguments over the reduction of part orders is attributed to how demand for the mobile has weakened.

Bottom line, it is still unclear if Apple will or won’t roll out an inexpensive version of the iPhone, but it is certainly one rumor which has raked in significant attention from those who are keen enough to hear of it.

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