Control Siri across the room: Iris 9000

We now reports introducing the first Siri accessory. For those of you who don’t remember, Siri is the new personal assistant that is a feature of the new iPhone 4S that was launched a few weeks ago. Everyone has been talking about it and Apple have even used it as the main feature for their TV ad for the iPhone. View it here.

It is called the Iris 9000, and is a  voice control module from ThinkGeek. It aims  to allow the user to control Apple’s Siri voice assistant from across the room. All you need to do it to place your iPhone 4S into the Iris 9000 cradle and tap the included remote control once to turn Siri on and be able to speak to it. The accessory features a built-in microphone that picks up your voice from up to 50 feet away and the embedded speaker amplifies Siri’s spoken responses.

You can also use the Iris 9000 to make and  receive calls like a normal speaker phone. As you can see in the picture it is attached to a speaker that makes your iPhone voice louder so you can here it across the room and it also picks up your voice when you are speak to Siri.

Interested? You can register your interest for theIris 9000 with ThinkGeek today. The Iris 9000 will be available for purchase in Spring 2012. We are told that it will be sold for $59.99. If you still do not get how this works then check out the video below.


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