Control your virtual PBX with an iPhone app

Everyone whether they know it or not has used a virtual PBX. If you’ve called a business and got an automated response that directs your call to different departments, you’ve used one. Many small businesses aren’t aware that you can manage and control your PBX system from your iPhone or smart phone. You can even make and receive calls directly to your smart phone.  For a complete list of cool features a PBX gives, you, check out

A PBX allows you to have multiple workstations that are able to receive calls under one phone number. Typically an automated voice answers the phone and tells you to press a series of numbers to get to the correct work station. This routing allows businesses to have multiple call lines and handle multiple phone calls at a time.

Many virtual PBX systems can be managed with an easy to use iPhone application. Using your smart phone you can route your extension to a different phone, mark yourself as busy, and log in and out of ACD queues. The coolest part is you can make and receive calls using your iPhone under your businesses’ phone number. This means the caller ID of people you call will show the business number, not the personal phone number.
Virtual PBX
A great feature of virtual PBX numbers is international calling. If you have an office in the UK, you can give out local UK numbers for clients to call and it will forward the call to the US. This will not only give the appearance of being based in the UK, but also charge local call rates for UK consumers. This will save both you and your clients tons of money.

Every medium sized business needs a virtual PBX. International calling, easy management of multiple call stations, and ability to manage a high call volume are all good reasons to have one. Learning how to use them to the fullest by using the appropriate iPhone and Android applications is a must for all PBX users.

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