Download Free iOS 6 Beta 1 for Devs

The Beta 1 version of the iOS 6 has recently been released, designed to suit the needs of developers for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, 3rd Gen iPod touch and 4th Gen iPod touch units.

The new version of the famed iOS series is pegged to don the “iOS 6” moniker, one that is heralded to have new features and enhanced functionality for portable iDevices.

Highlighting close to 200 newer innovations, the new iOS 6 – once released in full swing – is set to come with built-in Facebook integration, new 3D-view maps, an updated Siri and an enhanced Passbook application.

The new Siri is featured with demos and details, while the iOS 6’s Passbook card app is inclined for managing and organizing records and details. Its new Maps application is also an iOS 6 highlight, with 3D view support.

Perhaps the “biggest thing” with the iOS 6 is its built-in support for Facebook, which can be described as immersed as Twitter support for the iOS has become in previous versions of the mobile operating system. Speculations over how immersed its contacts and messages support will no longer be subject to interpretation and forecasts with the iOS 6 Beta 1 release.

Though far from being a Release Candidate (RC) release for general consumer evaluation, the Beta 1 version is primarily aimed for the evaluation and beta-testing of iOS developers, which says much about how enhanced the iOS 6 promises to be when it is actually ready to roll out.

Check out Apple’s Official site for details regarding the Beta 1 release for developers, along with updates on the release of an end-user beta of the new iOS 6.

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