Apple seeds iOS 4.4.2 for Apple TV (Download Now)

Download iOS 4.4.2 for Apple TV. Last week Apple released the first update for Apple TV iOS 4.4 , but it was immediately replaced by iOS 4.4.2 due to users complaints.Today Apple has just released the second update for iOS 4.4 for Apple TV to be iOS 4.4.2.

It seems that the update, like the previous one, is more of a maintenance release than anything. The iOS 4.4.2 includes:

  • Fixes issues with audio and video playback.
  • Fixes the fast forwarding and rewinding of live events.

If you don’t have the experience of these bugs, we recommend to delay the update for now.  Given the number of Apple TVs that have been bricked by software updates in the past week or so, it might be a good idea to hold off until it’s deemed safe.


Other wise, you can download the iOS 4.4.2 from link below and check out the update but be careful for any unexpected errors and let us know what’s new in the comments below.

Download iOS 4.4.2 for Apple TV


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