EA’s Origin: A new digital distribution service that works for Mac Users

As it is no secret that game title options for Mac users aren’t as diverse as they are for Windows users, Electronic Arts recently launched a new feature in its Origin digital distribution service, inclined to arm Mac users with nifty game title options.

Initially launched in 2011, Origin’s newest feature takes shape in now offering for-Mac variants of the game developer’s more popular titles, allowing Apple desktop and laptop users with the chance to give The Sims 3, Batman: Arkham City, and Dragon Age 2 a go.

EA MAc Games
Released in a (public) alpha run since January, the service essentially “unifies” access to cross-platform game titles, providing real value to Mac gamers. The service’s featured highlights will also come in a version for the iOS, allowing mobile iDevice users with more access and information to different game titles.

The reason behind the new Origin support for Mac is described to be self explanatory, one that can be seen as a response to the growing market share of the iOS and Mac devices.

Given that Macs and Macbooks now come with powerful hardware specifications and features, the prospects of engaging gaming experiences with Apple’s computer systems proves to be a welcome experience Mac owners aren’t closed to.

Dubbed as “Origin for Mac”, the service/suite is available for download via Electronic Art’s website, requiring an Intel-based Core 2 Duo driven Mac, which is running on the OS X 10.6.8 operating system as its minimum system requirements.

Mac users are invited to give the new Origin for Mac a go.

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