End of life for TweetDeck for iPhone set for May 7

Word of the TweetDeck for the iPhone client’s end of life has recently come up, with the micro-blogging giant set on discontinuing its run by May 7.

TweetDeckPurchased in 2011 for $40 million, it has to be noted that only the mobile variant of the web app will be discontinued, as its desktop-based versions for Mac and PC will still continue to be.

Apart from the end of life of TweetDeck for the iOS, TweetDeck for Android and the Adobe Air platform will also be discontinued, along with a number of Facebook-based integrations.

Early this year, Twitter simply rolled out announcements of its intentions to halt the operations of TweetDeck for mobile, not exactly definite or clear as to when exactly its end of life will happen.

The company has announced its intentions of focusing on TweetDeck’s development as a web-only app, which is expected to maintain its web-dedicated features and assets.

With the May 7 announcement noted to come from Twitter’s official blog, various online resources like Tech Investor News have been quick in spreading the word.

Given the fact that Twitter’s success has cascaded to the success of TweetDeck, mobile TweetDeck users are advised to take note of any updates or announcements delving into its upcoming discontinuation, as well as look into effective alternatives for their mobile-related concerns.

Though focus and emphasis on web-development is noted to be the cause why TweetDeck for mobile is coming to an end, many are still wondering if that is reason enough to put a halt to its run.

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