Enhancing Your iPhone’s Battery Life – Presence of Mind

As the last “entry” to our ongoing focus on how you can enhance your iPhone’s battery life, we’ll be touching up on one almost always forgotten about aspect in mobile phone care and use – always having the presence of mind to be aware of what your phone is up to, apart from its whereabouts.

Though it would already go without saying, having the presence of mind in knowing what apps are running in your iPhone gives you the advantage of better control over the hardware resources it is using, which in turn results to lesser unnecessary intensive power consuming background activities.

Apple Batteries

You can easily monitor your iPhone’s performance and usage stats by tapping on Settings, then General and then Usage.

The information posted on that section would essentially give you an idea of just how much remaining power your iPhone has left, along with pertinent information like when you last fully charged your iPhone and more.

You can also enhance your iPhone application-performance stats by installing battery monitoring apps available on App Store.

Generally, battery monitoring apps are designed to show you just which apps installed in your iPhone are consuming more battery power than the usual, and should you not actually be fully using one entry, the option of uninstalling it stands to be a smart move.

Apart from installing battery monitoring apps, taking the time to ensure that your iPhone’s Wifi adapter and/or 3G/4G connection are off helps ensure that you iPhone isn’t going online on its own, without your knowledge.

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