Enter: The G2 by LG

While the response of Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have been positive, other players of the mobile industry have also been busy churning out their takes on innovative handsets that are built around what users really need, not around features alone.

lg g2

The G2 by LG stands out in this regard, considering all the shifts and innovations it has to offer to electronic consumers, shifts and innovations which the latest iPhone handset models – to certain extent – failed to deliver.

First, there’s the G2’s screen. Measuring 5.2 inches, the handset manages to squeeze in a larger sized screen into a comparatively “normal 5-inch phone” sized body due to thin screen bezels.

Second there’s its redefined take on button positions – positioned on its back and not on its top or sides – which pretty much yields to more functional use and handling.

Then there’s the G2’s acclaimed 3000 mAh battery, which practically boasts a more than “work day” long lifespan, a feature that’s often talked about by different digital media outfits and G2 users.

In contrast to the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint scanner, the feature isn’t exactly something new, given the fact that other brands like Motorola (with the Atrix 4G) had already churned out a smartphone that comes with such a feature.

Its 64 bit architecture is not even viewed as an upside, though its availability in different body colors is widely considered to be a new “edge” over its predecessor models.

Long story short, while it is true that the iPhone 5S is Apple’s “future thinking” iPhone, it misses out on a lot of points, points with other products like LG’s G2 effectively managed cover.

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