Facebook app for the iOS, updated

Facebook recently rolled out an updated version of its Facebook app for the iOS platform this week, featuring in-app enhancements made to enhance its users’ mobile Facebook-ing experiences.

Officially known as Facebook for iOS Version 5.6, the update essentially comes with group messaging improvements, as well as enhanced support for cover photos management and uploading.

Facebook app for the iOS, updated

Compatible with iOS-driven iDevices, the updated version of the app comes close to a month since Facebook rolled out its voice-over-IP (VOIP) calling features, a feature which has sparked and piqued the interests of countless Facebook members.

As an update, the new Facebook for iOS is built to unify or merge Facebook’s desktop and mobile ecosystems, making it the best avenue where Facebook account users can easily manage their pages, view active posts, and more.

Apart from an enhanced group messaging service, the new version’s enhanced support for cover photos uploading allows users to easily pick images stored in a device’s camera roll (only available for iPhone handsets).

Given Facebook’s undeniable popularity as the current online social network of choice, iDevice users don’t have to go through the arduous option in having to manage their Facebook accounts using an iDevice’s default web browser, easily gaining Facebook access using the in-app connectivity functions, features and tools of Facebook for iOS.

iDevice users who access their Facebook accounts through their mobiles are advised to download and install the latest version of the app, in ensuring that they are using the latest of Facebook’s offered value added technologies, tools and features.

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