Facebook plans to Launch its iPad app with Apple's iPhone 5 Event On October 4th

It has been announced that Facebook is intending to launch its much anticipated iPad app at the even more anticipated iPhone announcement event on the 4th of October. In addition to this great news we are also expecting Facebook to release a release a revamped version of its iPhone app and may unveil an HTML5-based mobile app marketplace.

The Facebook iPad app, which we heard rumors about earlier this year, has been in stall for the past few months, and as we have earlier posted that Facebook was said to have kept delaying its announcement for a while now. As stated in the previous post that this news was reported by their former lead engineer Jeff Verkoeyen, which had lead to his resignation from the company.

Due to our sources there has been a problem with the timing of the launch as there has been a strained relationship between Apple and Facebook. Everyone has been aware that  there has been different problems between the two companies over the past two years. One of those issues that the companies have been fighting out is when the social network pulled the plug on Facebook Connect in Ping, all because Apple did not war Facebook about the feature.  This lead to great deal of bandwidth been eaten.

There have been rumors in the air that Facebook was supposed to be integrated into iOS, this was expected to happen years ago, but due to the disagreements that have happened between both companies, Apple decided to integrate with Twitter instead.

However, recently the relationship between the two giants is starting to get better, this is just due to the fact that events have lead to that both Facebook and Apple may end up needing each other. Facebook does not have a mobile platform and Apple does not have a social platform which means that they will indeed need each other. The result of this now friendship is that Facebook is now launching the much awaited iPad app called Assistant at the Apple’s iPhone 5 media event.

We expect that Facebook also intends to announce the new Facebook for the iPhone at this event. We expect that this feature will have much improved design and speed that mimics the iPad app.

We have heard rumors that Facebook is now working on a project to bring Facebook to mobile devices. The project will be named “Project Spartan” and will be designed to be a platform where developers can bring their Facebook apps to mobile devices via an HTML 5 platform.

We have been hearing that Apple is working with Facebook to prefect the HTML 5 and making it even better. and so we assume that this could also be launched in the upcoming iPhone event,  thought we could not get any reports that there is an actual set date for the launch.

We posted last week that Facebook is expected to be changed, and we did not mean just the new Facebook Open Graph, we were talking about its secretive effort to become a mobile platform for the social web. This now is looking more and more possible.


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