Facebook’s Spartan And iPad Projects Launch

We have earlier posted what we thought to be rumors about a Facebook projected called “Project Spartan“. It is the HTML 5 based mobile platform that Facebook has been working on for the past few months and it is not finished and done. To be honest we actually heard that it has been done for a while and Facebook have been waiting for one thing.

What is that? You may ask .. and we have the answer.

We have now received confirmed reports that the Facebook’s iPad app is about to launch and has been delayed by some internal negotiations between Apple and Facebook. There have been states that the Project Spartan has been waiting on the iPad app.

This week, we received reports from Mashable that the Facebook’s iPad app would be launched at the Apple’s iPhone event this coming Tuesday, but we have now news that Facebook is intending to announce the iPad app at their own iPad/Spartan event on Monday. Could it be rumors? We have yet to find out. Apple are known to change things at the last second. They may want Facebook to launch the news on the stage at their event to showcase some of the new HTML 5 capabilities of iOS 5.

We believe that Monday is a backup plan as Facebook has been ready for a while and is ready to go without Apple. We published last week that Facebook’s lead developer left them to work for Google out of frustration at the delays that have been happening in the launch of the new application. This is again due  to the Facebook-Apple relationship.

The Spartan application has also been delayed a few times, we have heard that there was a lot of collaboration between Apple and Facebook on this project. It seems that the two companies will be joined for a long time. However, even if there has been some tensions in the relationship at the end of the day both companies know that they are better off working together, as they need each other to advance and reach more users. Both have befriended each other, However now that the Google+ has been launched this has identified a clear enemy.

All we have to do is to wait for next week, sources from both parties have confirmed a major Facebook/Apple/iPad/HTML5 announcement happening early next week one way or another. This time its difficult stick it to rumors.


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