Fan Speed Issues reported to be experienced in MacBook Pros

A story published by has recently caused a stir among MacBook Pro users, particularly units which had been part of the early 2013 released series.

MacBook Pros Fan Speed IssuesAccording to the report, new MacBook Pro (with Retina Display) models are showing signs of “fan speed spikes” when running even the most basic of system tasks and procedures.

Given that faster fan speeds states are generally expected from cooling fans when a user puts a system through resource intensive tasks, the situation comes as strange, considering that faster fan speeds is associated with a rig’s internal temperature getting higher. The report includes quotes taken from the Hacker News forum/thread, with a number of forum members speculating the issue to be caused by a computer’s solid state drive (SSD).

With one entry indicating that file transfers trigger the “fan speed spike”, it can be assumed that the tasks imposed on an SSD drive makes it hotter, thus contributing to the internal heat temperature of a unit.

While it had been mentioned that a software update from Apple could resolve the issue, there hasn’t yet been any official statement from Apple regarding the “fan speed spike” matter, but there have been a number of the concerns raised to Apple’s official support personnel.

With a number of users resorting to hardware replacements as a means of addressing the matter, MacBook Pro users are advised to be mindful of their rigs’ internal cooling fan performance, in making sure if their units are or are not affected by the said condition.

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