FastTweet + : Send Tweet Quickly From Anywhere in iOS 5 (Cydia)

Can you tell me how to tweet something on twitter via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch ?OK, I will tell you the traditional way and FastTweet+ way. In the traditional way you need to open the Twitter app, then you need to launch the tweet box where you input your content and after facing all the unimportant information you will be able to Send your tweet by tapping on your Send button.Oh my God ! It’s just a tweet, if you don’t like this way so install FastTweet+ which you can easily send your tweets on Twitter.

Why you will download FastTweet+ :

The new and special in FastTweet + app is how quickly and easy you send tweets. All you do is a few type and tap process and send your tweet instantly. Just Launch FastTweet + app,type your tweet and finally tap on Send. It requires iOS 5 and also you have to be jailbroken.If not you can jailbreak it by redsn0w, just follow our guide from here, or jailbreak it using sn0wbreeze by following our guide from here .

FastTweet + Video :

Download FastTweet + :

FastTweet + is available in Cydia and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository in a free way.