Final Strike 3D for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

In the simplest of terms, Final Strike 3D is a modern combat action game, one that immerses players to the challenging and exciting world of helicopter combat.

With a 3 dimensional in-game dynamic, iDevice owners will find themselves manning different types of combat helicopters in Final Strike 3D, taking on special tasks that are geared towards preserving the peace.
Final Strike 3D
Featuring six types of weapons – including guns, missiles and bombs – the game highlights 2 campaigns and 15 missions, each made dynamic and exciting with its superior 3 dimensional graphics renders and visuals. Players also get to encounter more than 30 different types of enemies in Final Strike 3D, with its detail-rich graphics putting all of its hallmarks and highlights on the table.

Working with a handheld’s built in accelerometer, players control the game though a virtual gamepad, making its overall input and navigation system truly user friendly. Though the title showcases superior graphics, the game is not a system hardware resource hog, a feature that comes as an upside for a game title of its class.

iDevice owners with a penchant for casual games, as well as gamers who take a serious stance when talking about engaging game titles, are bound to keep Final Strike 3D as one of their favorite games, as it readily exemplifies how amazing action and adventure genre game titles can be (or should be).

Long story short, if you still don’t have Final Strike 3D installed in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, its high time that you did.

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