Five Best iPad App to Ignite Your Child’s Reading Ability

While it may be true that the iPad may never really completely eradicate man’s thirst for traditional books, it can certainly open your child’s mind to the wonders of reading, given the right apps of course.
Stationed in the comforts of a suitable iPad keyboard case, the iPad could propel your child to the halls of learning in no time – introducing the rudiments of reading with ease. Below are choice apps that have proven to be most generous in giving your most “precious child” a head start in reading.

It is interesting to note that these apps are available at pretty minimal to no charge.
iPad App for children
Brush of Truth ($ 1.99)

It is no secret that losing interest in a story can drive a child to harbor a negative view towards reading. It is for this reason that Brush of Truth is easily a hall-famer. This app gives reading a needed twist. Instead of just following a pre-written plot your little reader can decide on what should happen and be an “active member” on the creative process.

This way, “diferent endings” can not only give your child’s reading a needed boost but stoke his/her creative genius.

Kids’ Vocab – MindSnacks (Free)

Graphics of this wonderful app, Kids’ Vocab, can easily ‘wow’ your child, hastening your child’s journey to learn new vocabularies. Associating words with pleasing picture connections can kindle that interest from within your child to go further faster. Added to this, the app can foster focus in going through the learning curve with its quality yet seamless transitions from one task to another.

Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe (Free)

Spicing up the competitive nature of your child, this app can make learning phonics fun like no other. Whether in groups of two’s or more, this app can introduce words and sounds or get your child into counting in a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe. And in time, with each step you’d be surprised how confident your child can get in handling those phonics-based obstacles – a true win-win situation.

Reading Raven HD ($3.99)

True, this one may cost some but for the treasure of knowledge that awaits your child, this app is priceless. What makes this even more awesome is you may customize this app from one learning age to another. Match spoken letters with the visuals onscreen; it’s certainly a mix of senses. Even when things don’t go as plan and your child misses a cue, touching the ear onscreen can easily make things right. Through its friendly corrections, this app can show your child the path to learning effortlessly.

Duck Duck Moose Reading (99 cents)

For sheer reading fun, this app can easily get a Presidential Medal. Utilizing animal-themed games, your child can be drawn to the joys of reading via this app. It seems the animals come out alive and kicking with all the colors and brightness. The mechanics of the games in this app are done by real professionals as the animals will capture your child’s heart. And what’s more, you could track your child’s progress over time.

Pouring over these child-based apps, it’s no wonder why the iPad became a household word in no time at all.

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