Fusion Drive now a built-to-order option for Apple’s 21.5 inch iMac

Back in October, the Fusion Drive built-to-order option for Apple’s new iMac line was only available to the 27 inch variant of the all in one (AIO) desktop system.

That has recently changed, with Apple now offering the Fusion Drive as a built-to-order option for the less costly 21.5 inch iMac.

As a specific-to-Apple highlight, Apple’s Fusion Drive has been described as a “hybrid” storage solution that is the result of hardware and software components. Designed to readily address issues related to response times and lags, the technology has proven itself to be quite dynamic in living up to the expectations of its users.

Apple’s 21.5 inch iMac
Unveiled in 2011, Apple’s Fusion Drive essentially allows for the performance stats of solid state drives with the storage capacity of an internal hard drive, which translates to faster hard drive response ratings. Tests are known to show that the implementation of Apple’s Fusion Drive cuts start up times by half, and also indicates faster read and write response rates in computer systems.

Last year, only the 27 inch iMac featured support for Fusion Drive as an “added” feature option for customers, allowing their rigs to perform operations and tasks at lightning quick speeds.

With the technology’s popularity, questions involving the implementation of Fusion Drive as an option for the other less costly iMac had been asked by different interested parties, with the now availability of the option in the 21.5 inch iMac standing out as Apple’s answer.

Anyone out there who’s given Apple’s Fusion Drive a go? It is really as fast it is rated to be?

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