GameFly Games for iOS and the ‘droid

As a leader the subscription-based game rental services industry, GameFly has long been heralded as a trustworthy name, even dubbed as the “Netflix equivalent for video games”.

Last Wednesday, the “Netflix equivalent for video games” announced its intent in opening a game store venue for Android systems within the year, along with its plans on publishing game titles for iOS and Android devices, a step up from its current-featured services and promotions.

“GameFly is dedicated to giving consumers the best user experience possible, and to be their single destination for console, PC and mobile gaming needs,” shared Sean Spector, Co-Founder, GameFly, based on a press release coming from GameFly.

A “game development fund” is among GameFly’s plans in progress, geared to help developers develop, publish and distribute their creations. GameFly is also calling in developers to get ahold of them for consideration of the fund’s benefits and upsides, facilitating the creation and release of new engaging game titles.

Currently, GameFly is on Android and iOS, primarily designed to help GameFly subscribers manage and maintain their rental stats and figures.

The most recent announcement speaks volumes about how the gaming industry is paying more attention to mobile platforms, given how smartphones and mobiles have become mainstay gadgets with solid followers and advocates.

Though far from being the “game console killer”, GameFly’s move in offering games for mobile users says a lot about the game-market potentials to gain from the mobiles industry, and as such, tells a lot about how games may come to gamers in the days ahead.

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