Good Driving Rewards With Motor Mate App

A car insurance app that is no cost to the general public has been made available to be downloaded to a mobile phone. This app was created in response for people looking to find lower insurance premium rates for their cars.
Once the app is downloaded onto their phone, information based on their driving habits will be accumulated and later analyzed. Once enough information has been gathered through the driving habits of the consumer, an internal program will determine which category that these driving habits fall into. These categories will identify particular discounts at the different levels that are pre-determined. The person then has the opportunity to accept the category classification of the analysis.

The internal parameters that determine the category of the applicable insurance rate is based on a number of factors. These factors are captured through the car insurance app in real time. Some of these factors include: braking patterns, vehicle speed, acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle along with the general driving patterns that identify a person’s driving behavior.

Once the data is tabulated within a program there is a composite score given. These score benchmarks are derived from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. These benchmark categories are identified with opportunities to improve their score through suggested driving behaviors.

Identifying driving pattern behaviors with this device is strictly on a voluntary basis. There are benefits for the people who do get involved from complimentary car cradles and chargers for their mobile phone. The more that a person drives the more benefits they can receive.

If a person drives the full 250 miles to complete an intensive study of their driving habits will receive an amount of &25. More monetary incentives if the person actually purchases the car insurance at the time of the results.

Noting that the insurance app can also help identify where the consumer can improve their score the next time their renewal comes up again.

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