Google Music’s free scan & match – A rival for iTunes’ Match

Google recently “enabled” the scan and match feature now found in Google Music, a feature that was once only available and featured in Europe.

The service essentially entails the scanning and matching of music collections and archives, then could easily create a rebuilt version of the archive into the cloud at no cost at all.

google music
In essence, the newly featured service rivals one of iTunes’ more well known key features, the one that is found and defined in iTunes Match.

As a service Google Music’s new scan and match allows its users to readily mix and match up to 20,000 song titles from their collection, which is streamed at up to 320 kbps.

iTunes Match, essentially works with an available music collection or archive, then matches it up with tracks hosted in iTunes Store, with a 25,000 song limit. However, Google Music’s scan and match is available for free, while Apple’s iTunes Match costs an annual rate of $24.99.

But between Google and Apple’s offerings, Amazon’s own Cloud Player is also enabled with its similar “Match” feature, one which allows its users up to 250 song uploads for free. A Premium Cloud Player subscription also tagged at $24.99 allows users to match up to 250,000 songs.

Launched in July this year, Amazon’s Cloud Player service stands to be quite interesting, but as everyone knows how good a deal free services are, Google Music’s new scan and match feature still has an appeal factor that cannot be ignored.

What say you iTunes user? Think Google Music has something going on with its free take on scan and match?

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