Got GTA San Andreas on your iOS device?

If you thought the new Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was only available in versions for Android smartphones and tablets, think again.

Just as the classic GTA title’s Android port earned a lot of raves, the iOS-port of Rockstar Games’ mid-2000s hit mirrors the same gameplay value and mobile-platform enhancements featured in its Android version, bringing the world of Carl Johnson to the mobile iOS ecosystem, as he does what he has to do to protect his family and friends from falling prey to bent cops and drug lords.


Compatible with iPhones, iPod Touch units and iPads, GTA San Andreas for iOS virtually highlights the same in-game enhancements found in the Android port of the title.

Maintaining the original GTA San Andreas for PC and PS2’s missions and overall storyline, GTA San Andreas for iOS is calibrated to perfectly match with the hardware specifications and capacities of iPhones and iPads, working with an updated graphics feature set that doesn’t cause a dent in performance rate expectations or storage space limitations.

Boasting more than 70 hours of gameplay, iDevice owners are not liable to encounter any problems involving user controls and navigation, with Rockstar Games’ initiative in allowing its users the capacity to either play the game with or without the use of dedicated game controllers.

From walking on the streets to taking the lead in high speed pursuit heists, new to the GTA scene and all-too-familiar-with-it players are sure to find a lot to love in GTA San Andreas for iOS.

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