GTA San Andreas for iOS devices

After announcing an upcoming iOS version of the hit Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Rockstar Games recently celebrated the launch of the title in Apple’s App Store.

Primed as a mirror to the original PS2 era’s leading game title of its class, GTA San Andreas for iOS features and improved graphics set that’s calibrated for the screens of tablets and smartphones, and even comes with enhanced support for mobile game controllers, requiring little to no amount of fiddling, configuring and/or setting up.


Given the huge following GTA San Andreas had inspired when it was released in 2004, the iOS port of the game has been well-accepted, with countless mobile players keen on reliving the exploits and adventures of CJ, the game’s title character.

Not to be mistaken for being a toned down or watered down version of the game, GTA San Andreas for iOS is as big as the original title was, imposing wide set of missions and objectives for its players to complete.

Released in line with an Android version of the title, the new GTA San Andreas for iOS managed to gain the attention of countless gamers – even going as far as raising a question asked by PS Vita owners: is a GTA San Andreas for Vita on its way next?

While Rockstar Games hasn’t said anything about an upcoming GTA San Andreas release for PS Vita, its iOS and Android port versions has captured the fancies of countless gamers from all walks of life, saying something about just how advanced the standards and mainstays of mobile gaming has become.

Have you given the new GTA San Andreas for iOS a go? Which version do you think is better?

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