Happy Birthday GeoHot

We have heard that it is Geohot’s birthday today. Is that true?


George Hotz, whom is known as Geohot, was born on October 2nd 1989 and is known as the father of jailbreak. He was the first to unlock and jailbreak the iPhone in 2007. I’m sure i can speak for everyone in the jailbreak community when I say, that we rerally miss him and wish he was here today.

Last year, Geohot left the jailbreak community when he realized that most of the people in the community don’t care unless they are getting something. After his withdrawal from the jailbreak community and the scene, he shocked everyone with Limera1n jailbreak tool which he launched on his website.

Sortly after that, he shocked everyone again with  PS3 jailbreak which caused problems for him with Sony. Since then there has been a war between Geohot and Sony, but the case was settled at the end of it.


He is really missed, as thousands of people need his help to help them to jailbreak their devices. A lot of people are expecting him to release a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 after Tuesday’s event.

All in all, we just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday.


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