How to Best Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone/iPad

No doubt, YouTube can get you all-engaged, all day and more. With endless videos from all sorts of conceivable topic known to man, from the obscene to the sinister, from the comic to the grand, many of these videos are bound to catch your attention like no other.

However, often the problem arises when finding yourself short of time, you’d end up wanting to download that particular video from YouTube. Horror of horrors however, by default, the fave site just won’t cut it for you. Good thing there are apps that could get you just what your iPhone/iPad needs in a cinch, and more. Here goes:
YouTube-iPad download
WorldTube+ ($0.99)

If you’re wanting to know, what YouTube videos make it to the top in a particular country, you should get WorldTube+. With a selection of 28 different countries to choose from, it’s easy to narrow down on your fave nation’s top video. And when you feel like it, you can then proceed to download videos for later viewing offline and of course, share these videos via your regular staple of social media sites (e.g., Twitter, FB).

YouVids+ ($1.99)

For starters, this one works both for those handy iPhones or its bigger cousin, the i-tablet (probably secured on an iPad mini keyboard ). You can utilize the app to view any YouTube video plus get unlimited downloads of your fave clips from the channel. Added to this, searching is a cinch as you can utilize filters for upload date and video length. And with background playback, you can work on a main task while listening to YouTube music. If you feel bored, use the filters to get you to the “Most Popular” videos and in a jiffy, you’re good to go.

VIATube ($2.99)

For YouTube fans, this app won’t disappoint. First stop, it allows you to watch your fave video offline with no network constraints. Cool. And with handy playback features (e.g., shuffle, single-video replay, repeat), you’ll easily fall in love with this app in no time. Moreover, if you are a movie buff, make use of AirPlay and Apple TV and you’ve just introduced quality HD streaming to your living room.

PlayTube Pro ($1.99)

For a YouTube client, this one give you an awesome lots of goodies. Right off the bat, you can download videos for viewing at a later point in time and do your usual stuff (e.g., rate, comment, share videos). And by signing in to your YouTube account, you get access to your uploads or your subscribed playlists or more. What could be truly striking with PlayTube is searching for videos via this app is a breeze.

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