How to Best Handle Computer Stress

With a deadline to beat, it is easy to lose track of the time when you’re in front of a computer. Unluckily for many of us, this unsuspecting habit can lead to complications health-wise and performance-wise. The bad news:if this go unchecked, this road could be the fastest route into losing that ‘precious job’or a worse a ‘failing health’ – in the long run.

Yes, last thing we want is to cry wolf and sound alarming. Hard data is not so forgiving though. In fact, almost 95% of Americans spend 4-6 hours in front of a computer daily. And unless you’re a Tibetan monk,statistics speaks of a troubling tale of more and more people throwing PC’s out their windows and punching laptop monitors or CPU’s riddled with gunshot wounds. The culprit: computer stress or more technically-called Computer Stress Syndrome.
Now, since productivity is the name of the game and stress is its spin-off byproduct, you might as well deal with it properly. Before you jump off your horse or get that iPad off its iPad keyboard case, here are timely methods to get the job done with lesser repercussions health-wise.


To effectively put a leash on this monstrous beast,we need to trace its causes, of which there are 3 major ones.
First is bad environment. Our physical body needs the proper working environment to thrive and be productive. A concrete example would be the chair on which we position ourselves in front of the PC. Too high or too low and there goes our adequate lumbar support. Same goes true for the lighting.

Second, source of frustration is bad equipment. When your work is always interrupted by crashes, then your nerves can easily get frayed, no doubt. Many employees surveyed has expressed discontent which turns into low moral because of bad equipment.

Lastly, lack of IT support constitutes the third source of stress-generator in the work place. Many dread giving IT a call and will do all, ask everyone just to avoid getting to the expert.

First Solution: Improve Your Working Environment

To get yourself away from being part of the statistic and pick your shattered PC down the street, here’s how.

Try being comfortable for starters. If your chair is too low or too high, you need to change it ASAP. Don’t skimp on these things. Getting a large LCD display will cost but the savings you get when you have less eye strain cannot be overemphasized.

To this end, a footrest can be your best friend. Use one as this can give you better posture.

Also, getting a plant can be productive. NASA experts have time and again proven that plants reduce stress in the workstation. So be it a bonsai, a cactus from the Gobi Desert or a carnivorous Venus fly trap, get one.

Solution Two: Proper Equipment

You may think that the least expensive computer-ware can be a huge saver. Wrong. Chances are, these cheap hardware suffer from lack of reliability and will be a cause of worry in time. Investing in appropriate hardware is keeping your people sane.

You may also have to get into learning to make the most of your PC. Information is but a click away via the world wide web. Google it. Or buy an instructional book to get a feel on how to operate your equipment.

In this regard, learn the habit of BACKING UP YOUR DATA. Always keep a copy of your most precious files to save you the trouble.

Final Solution: Get Reliable Help

Nobody does IT problems than the experts. Get access to one. Have their numbers available 24/7. You may not be aware of it, but when things go haywire, perhaps there is no need to overwork your brain and worry, just dial their numbers and voila.

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