How to Make Your iPhone 4 Ready for Resale

iPhone fans are waiting for the iPhone 5 which expected to be launched on the first of October.Most of iPhone 4 users well sell it to purchase the iPhone 5. Guys over idownloadblog made  a guide to make your iPhone 4 ready for resale in just 5 simple steps.

We named it Getting Ready for iPhone 5

Here’s the idownloadblog ‘s Guide:


The first thing to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes and backup. Once completed, you must reset the device having the foresight to upgrade to the latest version of iOS, unless the buyer does not want a jailbroken iPhone. In this case, read the guide.

To restore using iTunes and it is always advised not to delete data from the iPhone settings.


It often happens that, in the rush to prepare the pack, you forget to remove the SIM from the relevant compartment. Do not forget, therefore, to make this simple!


It ‘a good idea to clean up the iPhone well before selling it to someone else. To clean use a soft cloth, lightly dampened, and pass over the surface and the display.Remember to turn off the iPhone before you do this and do not use detergents or sprays of various kinds. A cloth is more than enough.

In addition, if your iPhone has a few scratches or small dents do not forget to bring this to the buyer, especially if you want to sell the device online and not a friend.


Anyone who buys an iPhone is expected to receive even the packaging with all accessories. You have kept the box, right? Well, then recuperatela, put inside manual, power adapter, headset and iPhone, and close it again impacchettatela. If you sell the device online, take a nice photo of the packaging and all accessories.However, if you have lost the box, then go to some stationery and a acquistatene then to prepare the package.


Some users expressly require a Jailbroken iPhone: in this case NOT updated to the latest version of iOS and proceed with the jailbreak by following our guides. The unlocked phone, paradoxically, are worth a few euros more than the “original”.

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