How to Maximise Storage Space for Your iPad

It’s no wonder how easily your iPad can get cluttered, with iTunes sporting thousands upon thousands of apps. Not to mention all those selfies that you regularly dump into your gadget – like it had tons and tons of memory. And that’s just for starters. We’re not talking about music yet.

For sure, you could be feeling the pinch already, especially if your iPad’s but the 16GB model. But C’mon now, don’t look too depressed. There are plenty of ways you can get your way through this space problem without having to shed some cold cash. Or reconfiguring that lovely itablet on your study table perched on an iPad mini keyboard case.
Just remember things add up. If space is the problem, you might as well maximise your handy phone’s real estate. Give your i-tablet some breathing space. Here’s how:

Away with Automatic Downloads

Ok. Automatic downloads save you time but kill your valuable storage. While it maybe valuable when you’re still starting out, it becomes a burden in the long haul. Especially if you’re not the only one using the i-tablet and every member of your family is hooked up to the same account.

To turn it off, go to iPad settings and toggle automatic downloads found in the App store and iTunes settings.

Limit Apps

This sounds extreme, true, but sans the emotion, definitely most practical. For sure, there are apps in your fave i-tablet that you have saved long time ago but has used sparingly. Remember that you will always have the option of downloading any app previously purchased as long as you are using one and the same Apple ID. So have no fear. There is no need to keep all those purchased app in your device. Once you bought it, you will always have access to it and download it to all iOS devices – iPod Touch and iPhone including. That’s a lifetime membership.

If you don’t delete those unused apps, you are sabotaging valuable i-device storage. Check your iPad usage found in General Settings to catch your biggest storage hogs.

Tap into the Cloud

Well, you could be missing a lot of freebies if you don’t tap into cloud storage. Apps that give you virtually additional storage space at no cost. There’s a slew of these wonderworker apps available for your choosing. Famous among them is DropBox, Box just to name a few. And of course, lest we forget, the 15GB available for you from Google Drive.

You could use these cloud services to store the latest music craze in town and the endless stream of picture selfies you’re collecting everyday. Well, if your need is that high you may want to explore Seagate Satellite. No wires. Just plain 500GB storage for your mobile device. Of course, this one’s pricey.

Maximize on Home Sharing

There is no need to store all those big-megabytes movies in your precious i-tablet. Utilizing Home Sharing should give you a distinct advantage. To note, this feature allows you access on your iTunes library making your home or work PC your iPad’s external storage. It’s pretty convenient especially on a late Sunday afternoon with the whole family at home.

The drawback: your PC or Mac must be turned on while you’re at it. Which goes true for most – if not all – of the apps presented here.

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