How to Win Ebay Auctions

Now, this is one auction you dare not sleep through. Dubbed as the biggest and ‘bestest’ internet auction site in the whole wide world, Ebay attracts millions of people on a daily basis. That means a lot of business. Mighty lot.

To make the most of this juggernaut of a marketplace requires a special kind of operator, just like a long-lost treasure requires the right hunter. It takes time to master the trade but getting the right tools is a good start.

So get those iPads (best for surfing) out with its sleek iPad keyboard case. Here’s a gateway to the wonderful world of Ebay auctions.
Ebay Auctions
Be Notified as Soon as an Item Appears

Speed conquers power. This is most true – as our dear Mr. Bruce Lee bannered it so proudly – in the global online village where competition could be fierce. Yet sometimes you could find yourself in a quandary (especially with rare items) – unable to find any match for what you have been looking for in eBay.

Don’t fret. Just proceed to do a saved search (My Account section). This is like putting a 24-7 watchdog in the entirety of Ebay. The result: You will get email notifications – which could be on a daily basis – once an item matches your search. And to top all that, you get these notices for a span of – hold your breath – one year. Yes, one year.

Get Automated Last-minute Bidding

As eBay veterans will tell you, the most important part – where it matters most – of the bidding is at the final moments as a direct result of the phenomenon “sniping”. Automating your last bids is therefore wise. Free applications (e.g., JBidWatcher) can track your auctions for you – one or more at the same time – and allows you to submit a maximum offer in sequence, or last-minute bids. And if you choose to, you can arrange for the app to stop any bidding activity should you win one – while you’re throwing stones at pigs in Angry Birds. Cool!

Get to Your Most Informed eBay Bid

This is a must-have for those who want to make winning a career in eBay: Go to ProfBay – a website giving you all the graphs and tracking you need to make a wise move in eBay. For instance, you get your profit margin all laid out (i.e., minus shipping charges, listing etc.).

For a better grip, get into Ebay Desktop application. This allows you to have auction countdowns without having to refresh that page and even advance alerts.

Getting the Ebay Desktop app could be one of your brightest moves. Though it seems like forever (10+ years actually) that eBay lived inside your desktop, you’d be surprised how superior Ebay Desktop in comparison to its predecessor. Talk about speed and getting a real-time auction counter among others (e.g., reminders and alerts). And there is no need to refresh your browser too, as Ebay Desktop does that one for you automatically.

Now, you may have trouble with all those misspelled items. No biggie. Remember a misspelled auction could be the biggest F-I-N-D yet. With Typo Buddy you still get the searches even those possible misspelled items for your search term.

The Finer Things in Life

As you go along, you may want to get to refine your searches. One of the better ways to do this is through the Refine Search button found on the left-hand side of the first page search results. With a click of a button you are given drill-down options meant to give you lower-level categories, expanding your search but reducing the need to go through unrelated items.

Lastly, lest we forget, you should go for more cash opportunities. Bing cash-back link will surprise you like no other. Microsoft’s search brainchild is wooing users and is in fact willing to pay money for it.

Today, if you get into an eBay item via Bing, you could have a $200 cash back on those qualifying Buy It Now items. Just keep an eye on that gold cash-back icon and most importantly, use Bing in your search for that most-coveted eBay item.

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