iCloud offering 25 gigs until 2050?

Apple’s iCloud service/cloud storage management system shocked some of its users lately, with an apparent glitch entitling them for 25 gigs of storage space until 2050.

Reported by TUAW, the said “glitch” was noticed on the day when the Cupertino-based brand was to downgrade the storage of MobileMe members to 5 gigs, which is the current cap being made available to iCloud users.

The “glitch” is attributed to the shift Apple had announced last May, one which involved the free allocation of storage space to MobileMe subscribers, amounting to 20 gigs. The said announcement was reported to to allow MobileMe subscribers the chance to efficiently move and manage their files to Apple’s new cloud services, with that extended service noted to end by September 30.

However, users of the iCloud service, including those who hadn’t used MobileMe, were instead “given” an extra 20 gigs, which, on top of the current 5 gig space equals to 25 gigs.

As the “glitch” stands, iCloud would be offering users with 25 gigs of online storage space for the next 38 years, which isn’t really altogether a bad deal if one really stops to think about it (if it were true).

Given the offered allocated space and the time-frame of its service duration, the situation has been pegged by many as a coding error or a glitch caused by the MobileMe and iCloud transition, one which many are convinced Apple would rectify soon.

Though Apple had certainly gotten ahold of the world’s attention with the unveiling of the iPhone 5, the subsequent failure of Apple’s Maps has been noted by many as tall tale signs of the kind of service one can expect to come from Apple moving on.

The said “glitch” reported here, though no major complaints have surfaced (yet), has been quickly seen as another marker for Apple’s ongoing roster of concerns.

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