iControlpad finally released

After long wait finally apple has realeased icontrolpad to turn iPhone into a competent gaming device , The iControlPad even offers an attachment that can slot into the main body of the unit, and then offer a place to slide your iPhone, making the iPhone+iControlPad combo a one piece of kit affair.

The product is finally shipping, and doesn’t require the suction-cup joysticks that take up half the screen to improve your gaming abilities. Rather, the device looks like the product of some hot Gameboy on GameGear action, The device adds two joysticks, a directional pad, start and select buttons, as well as four face buttons. All of this connects to your iPhone, and other compatible devices

The only problem you will face while dealing with this devise is that he iControlPad pairs to the iPhone using Bluetooth whats make it so hard for App Store apps to support the control unit’s ever-so-useful analog sticks what meas you will have to of the the jailbreaking persuasion beforehand.


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