Interview of Walter Isaacson on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Hear of the Daily Show? Of course! Well Walter Isaacson was interviewed on the Daily Show tonight with Jon Stewart. It is a really interesting interview. For those who still do not know Walter Isaacson is the famous author of the Steve Jobs Biography that was released a few days ago.

The interview starts at roughly minute 13:50. Below find some interesting points that I gathered from the interview.


Walter Isaacson talks about how hard it was to write about the life of someone that he knows is ill with a terminal illness. He talks about how optimistic Jobs was until the very end that he would convince himself and others that they are able to do and say things that they did not think they could achieve. All in all, Jobs was a good and hard working man that was capable of pushing people to their limits and help them succeed. His biography is expected to be a best seller and a book that will be read by millions around the world


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