iOS 6.1.2 already a hit, one week since its launch

In a featured report, analytics firm Chitika notes that the iOS 6.1.2 has grown into becoming a highly downloaded version of the iOS mobile operating system, a status which the version had gained roughly a week since it rolled out.
iOS 6.1.2
With data revealed to have been gathered between February 19 and February 24 (based on data from Canada and the United States), the firm’s collected information reveals that Apple’s iOS users have been keen on updating to the latest versions of the mobile operating system, with the number of previous OS builds dropping down in time with the new version’s rise.

Considering that iOS 6.1.2 is more of a “bug fixes and updates” release, with the iOS 6.0 more of a thorough update of the platform, the recorded stats have been described by Chitika as a “significant achievement” in the part of Apple and its ongoing endeavors in offering new software updates for users.

“Tens of millions” of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users are described to have updated to the new iOS version, with Chitika noting that the difference in how quick mobile iDevice users had updated to iOS 6.1.2 is relatively comparable to the update statistics data attributed with iOS 6.0.

Long story short, mobile iDevice users are actually keen on utilizing the latest available operating system versions made for their gadgets, with this fact coming out as a crucial point which App developers should ideally take note of, in ensuring that their products continue to remain relevant available app options for mobile users.

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