iOS 7: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

Taking a leap can be fraught with danger. This is true even when the decision revolves around your fave Apple gadget. The newest and currently labeled ‘most versatile’ ever of the mobile OS bunch, iOS 7, brings in a plethora of useful improvements over its predecessors, no doubt. However, as there are B-sides to every story, this one is no exception.

We urge you therefore, to take a closer look before you give in and upgrade any of your not-the-latest Apple gadget. This include those iPad users who may have found tons of pleasure spending the hours with their i-tabletsettled neatly on an iPad keyboard case. Never jump into a ship if you are not really sure where it leads you especially if it’s a one-way trip.
iOS 7 Pros

Better Controls

With this new iOS, getting control over your i-device approaches closer to becoming a walk in the park. You will never have to hunt for that common settings like before. One single swipe over that i-device brings you to the Control Center. From there you get the reins handed over to you on a silver platter: from the built-in flashlight to Airplane Mode. Talk about putting you in the driver’s seat.

Better Siri Options

Now you may not have to get acquainted to a female Siri voice as you may have the choice of customizing it to a more tenor alternative. And it does sound less robotic too. Of course, nobody mimics a human voice better than a live, breathing human. With that said, we are definitely certain this technology will astound you.

A More Interesting App Store

With all those apps installed in your i-device, manual updates can certainly eat your time (and patience) every time a red notification pops up in your Home Screen. No problem with the iOS 7: these updates can be automatically turned on. And if you’re a parent, the new App Store can be heaven-sent with its new Search by Age Range. Now you can find games or apps that are most appropriate for your 2-year-old or teenager, whatever your heart desires.

Easier Multitasking

In this app-centric world, getting by with but one app at a time is a thing of old. True, older versions of the mobile iOS has done its share of catering to the multitasking crowd. But none as efficient as this new iOS. Move over tapping those minute red circles. Now if you want to move from one app to the other, all you have to do is swipe upward and voila.

Before we forget, upgrading to iOS 7 comes at no charge, absolutely none at all. So that take the money equation away.

iOS 7 Cons

A Steeper Learning Curve

Tagged as a drastic overhaul, getting accustomed to the iOS 7 landscape can sure take time. This is apparent in most people I know who have done the switch. The difference is such we recommend people do the update when they have more free time. Which is of course, a very uncommon commodity these days.

The Probability of a Download Traffic Jam

For those who may be itching to get to this much-ballyhoediOS, it may be wise to wait a few days from the mobile OS launch day. No, it’s not a big bug. But if you do not want your patience to be tested and constantly peek into your i-device if the download is finished, it’s best you don’t jump on the launch day. As per my iOS 6 experience, getting that download done seem to involve moving heaven and earth.

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