iOS and Android US Market shares Balance Up

With figures based on the latest comScore study, it appears that the respective United States market share figures of iOS and Android are en route towards balancing each other out, with Apple’s iOS treading on an upward climb as a slow dip is noted for Android.

The comScore study coverers the month of April 2012, and its study results matches with the results shared by MobiLens – a data research firm – which also released its research results covering a span of three months before the end of April.

The MobiLens research result is taken from a survey polling 30,000 mobile/smarthphone subscribers. The results note that Android remains to be the top mobile operating system in the US, but a month-to-month market share decline is ongoing, a condition that is typical or termed as “classic” for saturated markets.

Apple US market shares rose a humble but significant 0.7 points in the month of April, making it one of the two mobile operating systems gaining an upward momentum. The other mobile platform is Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, whose rise is linked with the release of the 1st Windows Mobile-driven phone by Nokia, the Lumia Series.

Both Symbian and RIM lost points, respectively going down by 0.1 percent and 0.7 percent.

The survey also reveals that there are more than 107 million smartphone owners as of the end of April, which has grown by 6 points from January. App downloads have also grown by 1.6 percent by April, with mobile browsing use going down by 0.5 percent.

Still, even with the decline of mobile browsing practices in the US, 74.1 percent of smartphone/mobile owners have subscriptions for mobile online services.

With the way things are, it apprears that iOS and Android are well on their way into becoming equals in terms of US market share figures.

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