iOS 5 Release Date Near Final Touch (Report)

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As we know Apple working now to put final touch on  iOS 5 and iCloud , that great news now  iOS 5 near-final build heads to carriers for testing with new features and here’s non official report of iOS 5 release date .

iCloud training demonstrates Apple’s push of both iCloud and iOS 5 as integrated products. After all, many of iCloud’s unique features are iOS-device based and many of iOS 5′s cornerstone features rely on iCloud connectivity. The training materials are said to have been developed with Apple’s assistance and include both detailed video and PDF-based explanations. With these carriers already training, we’re thinking that official news from Apple on the subject is imminent.

This Report shows you iOS 5 concept video features .

According to a source testing the feature, it works almost identically (video above) to the Android operating system’s speech-to-text feature. It’s also very polished, quick, and accurate said the source – which is obvious for being an Apple product but also is indicative of the product being nearly complete.

Full Report about iOS 5 (Downloads, Features, Jailbreak, Video and etc)

One last thing… that iOS 5 system-wide Assistant feature we revealed and discussed on several occasions? It’s apparently not in this near-final build. Since the feature is confirmed to be in development, our only assumption is that iOS Assistant is an iPhone 5 exclusive. Or, Apple is keeping it from even their most important carrier partners until it’s officially announced.


Stay tuned for latest news about iOS 5 and iCloud

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