iPad 2 has 80% of the tablet market in North America

When you think about today’s slim, modern day tablets, the iPad is the first that will come to mind, and it’s also the number one in the market. Before Apple invaded the tablet market it had established itself in the desktop software and had price tags over $1000.

The iPad has dominated the tablet market over the past two years, and analyst do not think that it will slow down any time soon. BGR has published reports this morning that concluded some interesting findings. The market research firm thinks that Apple sold an estimate of 6 million of the 7.5 million tablets that have been shipped only to North America in the second quarter of 2011.

Apple has nearly 80% of the tablet market on the continent in the second quarter, with a similar but slightly improved product launched in 2010. The analyst Alex Spektor was quoted saying:

“Apple remains a long way ahead of its main rivals such as Motorola, Samsung, RIM, Asus and HTC. A combination of cool branding, user-friendly hardware, entertaining services and savvy retail distribution has made Apple a formidable market leader.”

Apple’s future in the tablet market is look good especially with HP and WebOS dropping out and also RIM looking close to doing so too. Apple fans are now looking forward to the iPad 3 to be launched in the coming months.


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