iPad 2 still without Siri as iPad Mini is Siri-capable

As Apple officially announced and unveiled the iPad Mini last Tuesday, Apple flowers have been quick in taking note of the new tablet’s specs, matched by looking up on the device’s official pre order dates and roll out schedules.

But as countless consumers have been keen on looking into the new iPad Mini’s specs and retail availability schedules, iPad 2 users have raised the question of when Siri will be available for their device.

iPad 2 still without Siri as iPad Mini is Siri-capable
Given the fact that the new iPad Mini comes with Siri, Apple’s premium voice-driven assistant, the iPad 2 still remains to be an unsupported Siri device, something which a number of iPad 2 users are not very happy about.

Considering that the general specs of the iPad 2 are similar with the new iPad Mini, common sense would dictate that there’s really no reason why a Siri for iPad 2 units can’t be made.

Based on posts found in forum sites, an iPad 2 user has gone as far as saying that “putting Siri in the iPad Mini and not in the iPad 2 is Apple’s way of saying iPad 2 users should just buy the iPad Mini.”

Though not everything about the iPad Mini and iPad 2’s specs are the same, it has to be said that both come with a dual-core A5 processor.

It is still unclear why Apple hasn’t included the iPad 2 with Siri-support, given the fact that almost all of its new product lines Siri-capable.

With the way things are, it appears that the iPad 2 won’t be seeing a Siri version anytime soon, if not ever.

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