iPad is top item used in tablet-based online browsing

Digital publishing resource and tools developer Onswipe recently released the results of its first ever study, with the said study noting that most online browsing using a tablet was done with an iPad.

Accounting for 98.1% of the entire study’s statistics, or the equivalent of 29.5 unique impressions, the study ran from September 13 to September 20 with 1200 different sites benchmarking the study’s processes in the gathering of numbers.

Onswipe, as a digital publishing resource and tools developer, does what it can to help enable websites maximize the “touch environment” which is now becoming a mainstay staple in experiencing the net.

By extending its services to those who have need of them, the entity’s study is geared in addressing the “which gadget do most people use” issue often encountered by mobile app and for-mobile site developers and proponents.

The study also notes that the Galaxy Tab by Samsung accounted for 1.53% of users, while the Xoom by Motorola accounted for 0.21 percent. The Kindle Fire by Amazon also managed to make an impact in the study, accounting for 0.11 percent.

With the iPad designed for effective mobile online browsing experiences, the study’s proponents attribute its popularity as the browsing tablet of choice to its size, which defines it as more convenient and more capable in working well with the tastes of most electronic consumers,

Matched with its portable aspects, the device is certainly built for tablet-browsing, something which is backed by the stats of different studies like the one recently conducted by Onswipe.

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