iPad Mini with retina display, reportedly on the works

With the release of the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini, the 4th Gen iPad and latest iTunes, a casual observer is inclined to think that “Apple Rumors” have come to a halt, if not a long running pause until 2013.

But as a report from the Huffington Post would indicate, it turns out that there is now another new Apple Rumor circulating up and about, touching up on a new variant of the iPad Mini on the works, this time to come with the Cupertino-based brand’s Retina Display.

Already considered to be the next gen iPad Mini, the said “updated” version of the tablet is rumored to sport a higher screen resolution display, though there have been arguments over its actual Retina Display status.

Either way, a higher display resolution is expected from the said next generation iPad Mini, which, if rumors are going to be spot on with their reports, will rate a 2,048 x 1,536 screen resolution, which would essentially be higher than the standard iPad’s 264 ppi screen-pixel density.

Apart from the higher resolution iPad Mini, rumors also note that Apple is currently reworking its LED backlight system, redesigned to make the tablet lighter in weight. Said to affect the 9.7 inch “full sized” iPad version, the update is basically geared to enhance certain physical and functional aspects of the tablet.

The rumors of an iPad Mini with an enhanced screen display is also reported in DigiTimes, which has held a reputation for being correct with Apple Rumors.

Given how popular the iPad Mini has become as a tablet option, the prospect of a high resolution display to be developed in the next iPad Mini doesn’t come as off, but it does raise one question should it prove to be true – what about those who got the iPad Mini without Retina?

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